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Welcome to the Glynlea Park Neighborhood Association website.

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Welcome Neighbors!  If you are new to our neighborhood or have seen our signs and wonder what we're about, we'd like to invite you to attend our monthly meetings. Glynlea Park residents live within the boundaries of Atlantic Boulevard on the north, Pottsburg Creek on the west and the south, Nightingale on the east and includes our neighbors in the Glynlea Annex.

We've accomplished a lot since we began in 2003. Our shining glory is the beautiful ENTRANCE SIGN to the neighborhood.

WE COULD DO SO MUCH MORE IF YOU WOULD JOIN US!  Come to a meeting, meet your neighbors, bring up issues or projects YOU feel would improve the look of GLYNLEA PARK. We all live here... why not help us to have pride in one of your... and our... biggest investments. Hope to meet you soon - and bring a neighbor with you!  AS WE GROW, WE CAN ACCOMPLISH SO MUCH MORE!


Please visit this website often. The information is updated regularly as we discard old news and add other items of interest to our community. To help you find the less obvious New Additions they will be in purple.

Our website will continue to search out and make available information and sources you can access to make your life more interesting and fulfilling.




               Would you like to meet the candidates for Sheriff of Jacksonville?  Come out and hear what they have to say on March 12th, 7:00pm at Holiday Hill Baptist Church, 730 Mandalay Rd.

We will hold our March meeting in the Church Social Hall immediately following the Sheriff Candidate meeting.  

                            Site Captains for the St. Johns River Celebration Cleanup will discuss plans for our participation.

On Saturday, March 21st. we will meet at 8:00am at the Glynlea Park Ballpark. Cleanup hours are from 8:00am to noon. Wear comfortable shoes and bring a bucket with a handle, if you have one.

We welcome all volunteers and especially high school students who need Community Service hours. If you have a group that would like to participate, call 724-2341.

JSO Online Crime Mapping Program is ready for use

The goal of JSO's new online crime mapping program is to inform the citizens of Jacksonville about criminal incidents throughout the community.  The application has been filtered to to exclude sex crimes, child abuse and other crime information protected by statute or reported by other agencies.

This program is much more comprehensive and useable than what was previously available.

Accessing the JSO Crime Mapping Site

To get started open up an internet browser and go to
Click on CrimeStatistics/Crime Mapping on the left hand side of the page
You will be directed to the Uniform Crime Reports & Online Mapping page.  Under the Map Crime section click the link to go to the mapping program
A disclaimer page will appear. You must read and accept the terms to proceed to the site.
After you click accept, the application will open

Using the JSO Crime Mapping Site

Step 1: Select Crime Type - Click on folders to select the entire group of crimes or expand the folders to choose from specific crime types.
Step 2:  Select Location -
Select a geography type and specific locations will appear to the right. You can also define a search radius around the selected location.
Step 3:  Select Date/Time -
You can choose specific dates and times by using a calendar or standard drop down values.
Step 4:  Update Map and View Results -
Click on the Update Map tab to display the map. Incidents will appear on the map as icons. Click on the Identify button and select an incident to find out more about that case.
Reports/Graphs -
This program allows you to produce reports and graphs for the geographic areas that you close in Step 2.
CyberWatch Setup -
The CyberWatch tab allows you to set up automatic email alerts. A search radius can be designed to include areas around a particular location. Note: Selecting all crime types with a 1-mile radius may produce considerable email traffic.

It's time to renew your membership!

Come by and get reacquainted

We meet the 2nd Thursday of each month at 7:00pm at the Holiday Hill Baptist Church on Mandalay Rd.

We are looking for a few dedicated people to help administer the programs of the Neighborhood Association.

If you are Glynlea residents and care about your neighborhood please use the Contact Us page or attend our next general meeting and speak up.


SHINE, which is part of the Florida Department of Elder Affairs, empowers elders to make informed health care choices. The program's mission is to offer free, unbiased and confidential guidance on Medicare, Medicaid and other heath or prescription drug coverage issues.

Dedicated volunteers with the SHINE Program provide one-on-one counseling to seniors, retirees and disabled individuals.

Let SHINE be your guide to understanding Medicare covered services such as mammagrams and other screening technologies.

Medicare's preventive services and prescription drug coverage nay be just what you or a loved one needs for good health and independence.

for more information about the SHINE program or Medicare preventive services, call the Florida Elder Helpline toll-free at 1-800-96-ELDER (1-800-963-5337) or visit

Delivering Trust.

The United States Postal Service recently mailed a flyer entitled, "Do You Know the Warning Signs of FRAUD?"  Compiled by the Postal Service's law enforcement and security arm, the U.S. Postal Inspection Service, its titles include Warning Signs (*Sounds to good to be true, *Guarantees success), Play It Safe  (*Never click on a link inside an e-mail to visit a Web site), Fraud Facts (*Your bank will never e-mail you or call you for your account number, *Don't wire money to people you don't know) and Get Involved (*Take an active interest in the financial activities of your aging parents).

For more information visit the Postal Service's fraud education and prevention Web site at



   According to a person reporting on another Neighborhood Association website, she hired an electrician to work at her home, giving him a substantial down payment for the job.

   He never showed up to do the work and never returned dozens  of phone calls.  She then discovered that his license was no longer valid.

   To quote her: "And, in case you are wondering why I didn't check his license, it is because he had done various electrical jobs at my house since 2003, CCB License valid, never a problem. Go figure."

   This story points out that you can never be too careful in your dealings with your fellow man. I think the saying, "Trust, but verify", is most apropos.


Things Your Burglar Won't Tell You

Part 2

Free Stuff on Your B-Day

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See the News and Events page


Look for the changes in Upcoming Events


Sponsors and supporters are individuals or businesses that contribute to Glynlea Park Neighborhood Association efforts to foster a pleasant, progressive, pro-active community. Their support may be in the form of time, money or discounts for products and services. Our Sponsorship Page will be up soon but you can view our first contributor on the ABOUT US page.

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